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About Auto Storage in Los Angeles, California

At our Auto storage facility in Los Angeles, we offer protection for all of your vehicles. We also understand that the preservation of your restored vehicles and protection for your recreational toys, is of utmost importance to you, which is why we have locked gates, and security systems. Our flexible rate plans make us a suitable option even if you need a place to store your car while you are on vacation. The most important thing we offer is worry free storage for your vehicle.

Recent studies show that the most stolen cars are the types that are commuter cars and used on a daily basis, not recreational toys or restored classics. For most people the concept of Auto storage isn’t an issue of theft prevetnion. The greatest need for Los Angeles car storage is a lack of space at home and protection from the elements. We have a variety of sizes available to fit your RV, Boat, Classic or Exotic Car, Waverunners, or ATV’s.

We have several years of experience providing the highest quality of care for your vehicles. Don’t subject your investments to the elements, get in touch with us today! The Los Angeles location in San Pedro is centrally located and easily reached from all over the valley. We also offer services to prepare the item you plan to store, so it will be ready for you to enjoy it the moment you pick it up.


Boat Storage in our Los Angeles Facility

Los Angeles Boat StorageYou and your boat are both happiest out on the water, but that’s not always possible. Life demands a certain amount of land-lubbing (at least for now.) Your top choice for storage is your own garage, but unfortunately, there’s no room left, now that you have driving-age children, or those matching his and hers motorcycles.

Certainly a dilemma. But a big, wonderful city like Los Angeles has solutions for everything, and this is no different. We provide both long- and short-term storage for boats of all sizes (well, almost all—no cruise ship storage here).

Leave your watercraft with us and rest assured that you will return to find it safe, happy, and ready to get back on the water. We even provide services to prepare it for storage if you find yourself short on time, or prefer one-stop shopping. Don’t leave it to chance; leave it with us.

Car Storage in our Los Angeles Facility

Los Angeles Auto StorageMaximum Security Car Storage in San Pedro, California services all of Southern California and Los Angeles county. We offer storage for antique and classic automobiles, motorcycles, boats, jet skis, trailers and RV’s. We specialize in both short term and long term lease arrangements. We also have indoor and outdoor storage options for your auto storage needs. Our facility has security cameras and controlled access. During our open hours we have staff present.


RV Storage in our Los Angeles Facility

In a crowded city like Los Angeles, it’s hard to find parking at all, let alone safe long-term parking for your RV. Then there’s the possibility of theft, which makes you nervous to leave any vehicle overnight, but especially your home-away-from-home.

If you need to jet off for a month or two, settle some business, help your friend coordinate her amazing destination wedding, or just take some time for yourself, allow us to ease your worries.

Los Angeles RV StorageOur RV Storage is some of the safest in Los Angeles. With years of experience, 24/7 camera surveillance and expert care, complete with optional storage procedures, you can trust that your recreational vehicle will be as good as you left it (or better) upon your return.


The Auto Palace facility is convenient for vehicle owners in the Los Angeles area including San Pedro, Palos Verdes, Lomita, Torrance, Gardena, Long Beach and Carson. We are also located close to Cabrillo Beach, Redondo Beach, and Marina Del Rey boat launch ramps.


Location of Auto Palace Car Storage